Motorcyclists: Safety tips for summertime rides

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

As the month of May arrives, so does Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. This month serves as a reminder to everyone about the importance of safe motorcycle riding practices. All motorcyclists should stay safe on the road, avoiding both bad riding practices and the negligent behavior of others.

 Fortunately, even if they encounter a negligent driver, legal avenues are available to seek relief and compensation.

Prepare for rising temperatures

The summer heat in Georgia, as well as in other parts of the U.S., can be intense. According to new forecasts, it’s about to get hotter in the U.S. Most states, including Georgia, are expected to experience above-average temperatures during the summer. This is due to a predicted La Niña climate cycle, which often brings hotter-than-average summertime conditions across the U.S.

To make the heat bearable, motorcyclists should take safety precautions. This may look like staying hydrated, avoiding riding during peak heat and taking frequent breaks to cool down.

Wear appropriate safety gear

Regardless of the heat, it’s essential to wear all necessary safety gear. This includes a helmet that meets Department of Transportation standards, sturdy footwear and other protective clothing. Many companies manufacture gear specifically designed for riding in hot weather. This makes sure that riders remain safe without worrying about overheating.

Prioritize motorcycle maintenance

Warmer summers can make high temperatures near unbearable. This can affect motorcycles, particularly their tires. Intense heat can inflate and wear out tires, potentially weakening them. Even a regular 90-degree day, combined with the friction from hot roads, could mean up to 150 degrees on the asphalt.

Regular inspections for proper inflation and signs of wear can help ensure motorcycle tires are in good working order.

Take action in an unavoidable collision

Summertime can bring not only the risk of melting tires but also increased encounters with careless vehicle drivers. In such situations, motorcyclists should consider seeking compensation from the negligent driver to cover their losses, such as medical bills and lost earnings. Recovery is a long road. Receiving compensation for what they’ve endured is the very least they deserve.

A legal professional can be beneficial in these situations. They can assist motorcyclists in working through the complex legal process of seeking the compensation they deserve.