Why Hire A Lawyer

A fair question. In a serious injury/death case, many complex issues might arise. Who is the responsible party? How do I hold them accountable? How do I assert my claim? Is there a deadline or deadlines? How do I protect my interests?  How do I measure all of my losses? Will others get reimbursed for my injuries like my health insurance company or Medicare who might have paid some of my bills? How can I get medical care if I don’t have health insurance? Why can’t I handle it myself and avoid having to pay an attorney? These issues, and many more, come up in just about any injury case. Your lawyer should handle and explain all of these issues for you. Also, you should ultimately recover more of your losses when you hire a lawyer.

How To Find A Lawyer

A personal referral is best. Interview a prospective lawyer either in person or by phone. Are they connected to their community? Do they have experience? Do they seem to have time to handle your case and give it personal attention or will they hand it off to someone else? Will they be around in five years in case I have a question or need something else? Television ads, phone book ads and unsolicited calls from a lawyer are not the best ways for you to choose a lawyer.

Why Choose Tom Kenney

Tom has more than 20 years of experience helping clients with hundreds of cases. He has recovered millions of dollars for victims of carelessness, crimes, fraud and wrongful conduct. Tom has handled jury trials, bench trials, arbitration hearings and mediations. Although statistics and data reveal that most cases resolve before trial, Tom Kenney begins preparing every case for trial immediately upon being hired because that is the only way to achieve the best results for the client. If a trial is necessary, we’ll be ready.

The vast majority of Tom’s cases are referred to him by clients, other lawyers, friends and acquaintances. We don’t advertise on television, phone books or anything like that.