Case Results

– $375,000 for car wreck; torn rotator cuff

– 1 million-dollar settlement; tractor-trailer wreck

– Trip and fall – low six-figure settlement – $150,000

– Car wreck – jury verdict 10 times the last offer

– Nursing home – hip fracture mid-six-figure settlement of $335,000

– Appeal won – slip-and-fall case reinstated and later settled for five figures

– Consumer claim – bank sued client for loan balance; bank ended up giving up/waiving balance and paying consumer for debt collection violations

– Business divorce – the other side kicked client out of business; filed suit and won court ruling reinstating business owner, and the case eventually settled

– Fraud – jury verdict for damages, attorneys fees and punitive damages; set aside fraudulent transfers

– Client in two wrecks six months apart; policy limits recovered from four insurance policies plus money from two more policies

– DUI case; policy limits paid $100,000