Vital evidence for your truck crash lawsuit success in Georgia

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Truck collisions in Georgia and across the nation are far different than other automobile accidents. Due to the weight and the size of the truck, victims can suffer more severe injuries. A truck driver’s breach of state and federal regulations can also cause an accident.

Concrete proof is essential in a truck collision involving you or a family member. This will establish the liability of the trucking company, the driver or any other involved parties. The compensation for your injuries will also depend on the quality of the evidence collected. Some of the required evidence includes the following.

Police report

Typically, law enforcement officers are the initial responders to an accident site to record an official report. It is essential to obtain this report as part of your evidence. A certified truck inspector typically examines the vehicle at a trucking accident before its removal from the scene.

The police check for details like overweight load and apparent vehicle defects. They also check for other malfunctions that could have caused the accident. This documentation improves your motor vehicle accident attorney’s negotiating power for better compensation.

Photos and witness statements

Use your phone to photograph damage to your vehicle, the truck, the crash scene and tread marks. You can also take pictures of the road conditions, injuries and the weather. This comes in handy at a jury trial or when an accident reconstruction expert recreates the events of your collision.

If the eyewitnesses are cooperative, it’s advisable to obtain their contacts. Taking this crucial step promptly enables a witness to craft a written statement. A witness statement helps you convince the insurance company to compensate you.

Evidence that confirms the trucker is not following driving regulations

One of the common causes of truck accidents in Georgia is exhaustion. Driver fatigue is the cause of 20% of all crashes in the United States. In Georgia, truck drivers have a maximum allowable driving time of around 11 hours. They should also rest for 10 hours before getting back behind the wheel.

Establishing a robust claim and securing the rightful compensation can be challenging. Therefore, gathering all the evidence you need is crucial in a legal truck collision case.