Could this reduce auto-pedestrian fatalities?

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Pedestrians face dangers whenever they are in the vicinity of traffic. One momentary distraction could cause a Georgia driver to cause an accident that results in a pedestrian’s fatality. And some other reasons and causes could lead to such an accident. Traffic laws intend to help reduce potential accidents, and revisions to existing laws may address some concerns about dangers posed to pedestrians.

Right on red

Intersections could be dangerous places, as traffic accidents may happen when drivers are careless. Drivers who race through a recently turned red light might hit another vehicle that responds to its corresponding green light. Many drivers will try to follow the law, but accidents could still occur. Such could be the case when making a legal right-hand turn on red.

Right-on-red turns are legal unless a sign notes no turns on red. That does not mean that turning right on red is always safe, as accidents may still occur. Local governments might choose to institute bans on turning on red lights, which may decrease pedestrian injuries and fatalities.

Recklessness and red lights

Although it may be legal to turn on a red light, motor vehicle accidents might still occur when drivers commit to a right turn on red.Turning on red without coming to a complete stop first is dangerous and commonly illegal. Turning even though there are pedestrians or bicyclists in the way reflects recklessness. Also, left turns on red are moving violations. A driver who makes an illegal turn on red could be liable for any resulting accident.

Other circumstances surrounding the accident might point to negligence during the investigation process. For example, a drunk driver’s intoxication may further substantiate a negligence claim. Victims of negligent drivers might sue for compensation for their injuries.