Nursing home abuse with medications

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2023 | Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

Many residents who are in Georgia nursing homes are given medications daily. While this might seem like a task that is easy to navigate, there are times when errors can occur, which CAN be considered a form of abuse or neglect.

Wrong types

Sometimes, a nurse or an assistant might mix up the medications that are given to patients. This may be a mistake that the worker learns from and does not make again. However, nursing home abuse can occur if a worker repeatedly gives the wrong medications or the wrong doses to residents intentionally. Workers might do this to get residents to sleep longer during the day so that they aren’t bothered by them or because the worker isn’t competent enough to understand the types of medications that are given.


When residents enter a nursing home, their medical history is often provided by the family or by their primary care doctor. This history typically includes medications that the resident is allergic to or what not to give the resident because of a previous reaction with other medications. If a worker ignores this history or simply doesn’t take the time to look at the information, then this can be a negligent act on behalf of the worker and the facility, and nursing home abuse charges can be filed.

No medication

Residents who need medications often take them at set times of the day, and these medications are used to manage chronic or severe illnesses. If medications are withheld on an intentional basis, then the resident can become deathly ill and require significant treatment. Sometimes, staff can withhold medications to hasten a patient’s death.

Medications are often commonplace in nursing homes and are intended to be given as prescribed or as needed. When workers ignore this aspect of their job, an abuse allegation can be filed.