Not all car accidents are the same

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car crashes could inflict significant damage to vehicles and harm the occupants. Not all vehicle collisions are the same, and different factors may affect the severity of the impact and related injuries. Knowing the various types of collisions might help a driver act more defensively while commuting. Still, accidents may be unavoidable under certain circumstances.

Common vehicle accidents

News reports may indicate an accident was a multi-car pileup, which is an accident involving several vehicles. Single-car accidents involve only one vehicle, but these collisions could lead to catastrophic injuries if the driver hits a tree or a pedestrian.

Rear-end collisions involve getting hit from behind, often when a vehicle is stopped at a traffic light or stop sign. Whiplash and back injuries may result. Head-on collisions are among the most worrisome, as fatality risks could be significant.

Sideswipe, rollover, lateral, and rotational accidents are other collisions. Many factors contribute to the injuries victims might suffer, such as a larger vehicle hitting a much smaller one. However, all accidents may come with the risk of severe injury.

Injuries and compensation

Regardless of the collision, victims may require extensive medical treatment after being involved in motor vehicle accidents. Even those dealing with minor injuries might miss work and suffer financial losses. If negligence led to the accident, filing a civil claim might help the victim recover their losses.

An investigation may point to a driver’s negligence. Someone who passed out while intoxicated and crossed into oncoming traffic would be one example of negligence. A driver distracted because of texting behind the wheel is another. Often, negligent drivers face lawsuits from victims.

Automobile liability insurance might provide a settlement that covers losses. Victims may sue above policy limits to recover additional compensation in some instances.