Car wrecks can cause internal injuries to organs like the bladder

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When there is an auto accident in Georgia, people will reflexively look for obvious injuries. That includes cuts, bruises, broken bones and signs of trauma. However, some injuries are not immediately clear and take time to manifest. These can be severe and cause long-term problems that are hard to solve.

Internal injuries can result from an auto accident

People might not think about their internal organs as being at risk after an auto accident, but like any part of the body, they too can suffer damage. Specifically, because of its location, the bladder can be harmed. Although rare, some who have been in a car accident face this issue.

When there is a crash, the impact could compress or rupture the bladder. It could also result from spinal cord damage suffered in the accident. This means a collision from any angle could be the catalyst for this type of injury.

Any bladder damage can cause problems with urination such as incontinence, feeling an urgent need to go, being unable to completely empty the bladder and discomfort. Recognizing the symptoms of bladder damage from a motor vehicle accident is key to getting the appropriate type of treatment to effectively address it. That can involve seeing specialists and getting chiropractic treatment. Knowing the cost and how to pay for it is of course important as well.

Severe injuries can negatively impact a person’s future

Auto wrecks can cause a litany of challenges in a person’s life. This is particularly relevant with bladder injuries as it can be long-lasting and the treatment options are limited.

It can hinder the person’s ability to live as they did before, cost them an exorbitant sum financially and negatively affect their family life. Knowing the alternatives to recover for all that was lost is imperative.