Common terms in an employment contract

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2022 | Business Law

Giving an individual the privilege of employment also means ensuring that person is properly employed. An employee usually does not have the right to make decisions on their own terms. There are certain terms that are suggested to include in an employment contract in Georgia.

The basics of an employee’s agreement

An employment contract outlines the terms and conditions of an employee’s status with a company. The employees are made aware of the full list of duties and responsibilities that they are expected to follow. They are made aware of the consequences of not meeting these requirements from being issued verbal warnings to being terminated.

Several common terms are featured in most employment contracts. The contract starts with basic information about the employee along with the employee’s salary, benefits and work duties. The employer provides a general overview of the company’s policies, including procedures that involve discrimination and harassment. The employee is given information about non-compete agreements for when they are working or leave the company.

The consequences of an agreement

An employer who provides a contract finds it easier to punish an employee for breaking the rules under Georgia law. A contract prevents an employee from sharing trade secrets about the company’s products or services to a competitor. It prevents employees from unexpectedly leaving a business, which makes it more difficult to refill an important position.

The terms of an employment contract vary by state, industry and employer. The most common terms include basic information about the employee’s duties, rights and responsibilities on the job. The purpose of this contract is to monitor and restrict the actions of employees and give more control to the employer.