Reasons that older adults suffer from falls

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2022 | Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

Falls cause the most severe injuries among older adults. Nearly 45% of seniors over the age of 70 experience serious falls each year. In nursing homes in Georgia, falls cause serious non-fatal injuries that include bone fractures, traumatic head injuries and even deaths. Age-related health problems are the main reasons for falls that affect older adults.

Aging-related illnesses

Older adults are more likely to develop age-related illnesses from arthritis to diabetes. An older person who is weakened from aging has weaker, slower movements and a reduced range of motion.

Conditions that cause muscle weakness and paralysis increase the risks of accidents. In addition, certain neurological conditions cause a loss of sensation, such as blackouts or vertigo, which make it more difficult to concentrate and move around a room safely.

Reduced vision

Some older people have reduced vision as a result of age-related macular degeneration. This condition affects only older individuals due to normal wear and tear. Vision-impaired people cannot see properly in front of them and are more likely to suffer from slips and falls.


A common problem in many nursing homes is the commission of medication errors. Administering medications incorrectly is considered to be a form of nursing home abuse and neglect. There are links between the improper use of medications and the increased risks of accidents, especially falls.

Taking falls among seniors seriously

Nursing homes are supposed to resist all forms of danger against their vulnerable residents. Despite the safety precautions that healthcare workers take, millions of them still face the greatest risk of all, which are falls. Older adults suffer from falls more than younger people; however, it’s simple to apply various techniques to prevent these accidents.