How can you prevent head-on collisions?

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Head-on collisions are the deadliest type of car crash. They involve one car smashing directly into the front of the other, and they are usually the least survivable of all car crashes, particularly if they involve impact at a high rate of speed. Depending on the circumstances, the person who is at fault in a head-on crash may be held legally liable for an accident, resulting in serious civil or criminal penalties. Georgia is one of many states that has laws on the books to specifically address these issues. Thankfully, there are ways to reduce these types of motor vehicle accidents.

How to avoid head-on crashes

– Never drive to the left of a vehicle and into oncoming traffic as this is one of the leading causes of car wrecks and head-on collisions. This is even more true when visibility is impaired.
– If you must pass a car to the left, do so extremely slowly, ensuring that there are no other vehicles coming down the road.
– Obey all local vehicle laws, including driving under the speed limit and not driving distracted in any way.
– Pay attention to changing road conditions, including oncoming traffic.
– Be conscious of the dangers of drowsy driving, which can cause head-on car accidents by making you unintentionally drift into oncoming traffic. Make sure you get enough rest before driving and consider pulling over and stretching your legs if you find yourself getting tired.

Not all car accidents can be prevented, but many can be. Following the advice above can help ensure your safety while on the road and reduce your chance of getting involved in a dangerous accident.