Preventing slips and falls during winter

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2021 | Firm News

Wet weather season means that Georgia residents need to be more careful when it comes to avoiding slips and falls. In addition to being painful, slips and falls can cause someone to miss days of work as they go through the stress of possible hospitalization, physical therapy, loss of income and a host of other issues. If you’re the owner of a private or public space, slips and falls can be extremely costly to you, forcing your insurance to pay out in pain and suffering for the victim as well as other things like hospital expenses and legal bills. Avoiding an accident in the first place is your best bet.

How can property owners prevent slip and fall accidents from happening?

If you own a space like a retail store or a factory, make sure to lay down rugs with anti-slip matting in high-traffic areas so that people remain safe. Always remember to put up signs so that customers and employees are aware that the wet weather outside may be dangerous on the inside is well. You’ll also want to put up those signs if you’re simply washing the floors inside.

Block off areas that are known to get slippery, and consider changing the floor type if slipping continues to be an issue. The upfront expense of replacing flooring will be a lot less expensive than the expenses you could incur if somebody falls and gets injured.

Where to turn when dealing with a slip and fall

People who have been injured after a slip or fall incident may benefit by working with attorneys who handle all types of premises liability cases. Experienced personal injury attorneys may be able to help clients with everything needed for a satisfactory outcome.