Truck inspection spree set for August 2020

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The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has set its 2020 Brake Safety Week for August 23 to 29. Truckers in Georgia and across the U.S. may be pulled over for a roadside brake inspection during that time, so they should ensure that their brakes are up to industry standards. If they are not, the trucks will be put out-of-service.

An important reminder about brake safety

The CVSA holds several inspection sprees each year as a way to discourage negligence. It has even designated August as Brake Safety Awareness Month; during that month, law enforcement agencies educate truck fleets, drivers, mechanics and others on how essential brakes are to staying safe and avoiding crashes.

Yet many truckers continue to neglect the brakes. During the 2019 Brake Safety Week, 13.5% of the inspected trucks were issued out-of-service orders. Of all the OOS violations discovered during the CVSA’s 2019 International Roadcheck, 45.1% were related to the brake systems and adjustment.

The focus of the 2020 inspection blitz

Inspectors will be checking the brake hoses and tubing, in particular, because these have a major role to play in overall mechanical fitness. These components should not be damaged or leaking, be appropriately flexible and be properly attached.

What truck accident victims can do

Some truck drivers are more responsible than others, and the most thorough training programs cannot prevent truck collisions arising from negligence. As for the innocent victims of such accidents, they may be eligible for compensatory damages.

The first thing you may want to do is have a lawyer assess your case in light of the state’s negligence laws. If your case is strong, the lawyer may go on to strengthen it with the help of third-party investigators. You may leave it to your lawyer to negotiate for a fair settlement covering medical bills, pain and suffering and more.