New study ranks the deadliest driver distractions

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Georgia drivers should know that anything that takes away their eyes or their mind from the road, as well as their hands from the steering wheel, is a distraction. A study conducted by Erie Insurance back in 2013 ranked the deadliest distractions for drivers, and the results may be surprising.

First of all, the study points out that around 1 in 10 crash fatalities from 2012 and 2013 were in crashes that involved at least one distracted driver. Researchers analyzed the data around a total of 65,000 fatalities. They then found that 62% of the distracted drivers were inattentive in a general way and simply “lost in thought.” Daydreaming, then, can be said to be the leading cause of distracted driving crashes.

This was followed by phone use, including talking, listening and texting. This was linked with only 12% of distracted drivers. The third deadliest distraction was gazing at people, objects and events outside the vehicle, such as billboards or accident scenes (7%). Other occupants were the problem for 5% of distracted drivers.

The list continued with 2% of drivers becoming distracted by using or reaching for a device in the vehicle. Eating and drinking (2%) and making adjustments to the radio or the climate controls (2%) were also included. Even distractions relating to pets or to smoking made the list.

Those who are injured in auto accidents and who were clearly not at fault may want a lawyer to help them file a claim against the responsible driver’s auto insurance company. Proving the defendant’s negligence can be hard in some cases, especially when there is little beyond the driver’s word to go by. The lawyer may hire third-party investigators to assist. Victims may leave all negotiations to their lawyer and litigate as a last resort.