The growing problem of senior citizens becoming abuse victims

On Behalf of | May 19, 2023 | Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

As many adults in Georgia age, they face mental and physical difficulties. These challenges often make it tough for senior citizens to care for themselves. Tasks involving basic hygiene, preparing meals and similar tasks can be difficult or even impossible for older people.

The challenge of what to do with aging parents

Senior citizens without children or those with adult children who don’t have time to provide full-time care face a significant challenge. This challenge is to ensure senior citizens receive the care they need to stay healthy. Often, there’s no feasible choice but to place the aging parent in a nursing home or similar care facility.

What is elder abuse?

Elder or nursing home abuse occurs when elderly patients undergo abuse once or repeatedly. The crime of elder abuse comes in many forms, including mental, physical and sexual abuse. This situation also occurs when patients receive a lack of care, otherwise known as neglect. People working in elderly care may also commit financial abuse against their patients.

How frequent is elder abuse?

Unfortunately, the problem of elder abuse is more common than you might think. Research shows that about 16% of people 60 years and older have dealt with a form of elder abuse within the past year. Statistics also show that abuse in nursing homes and care facilities has risen within the past few years. With the world’s population of individuals in their 60s growing, some experts fear that instances of elder abuse could increase.

Often, elder abuse victims show specific mental and physical symptoms. It could be cause for concern if a family member in a nursing home has strange bruises or cuts. Also, watch out for unexplained changes in an elderly loved one’s behavior.