Car accidents and broken bones

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

After being in a car accident in Georgia, drivers or passengers may discover they suffer from broken bones. Fractures are not uncommon in a vehicle collision since the human body is fragile, and the impact inside the vehicle could be severe. Broken bones may lead to a lengthy recovery following extensive treatment and even surgery. Many will seek legal claims against those responsible for their harm.

Car accidents and fractures

When one vehicle crashes into another at high speeds, the impact generated could result in a car’s occupants hitting the steering wheel, windshield or dash at great force. Broken bones may result. Occupants not wearing seatbelts could go through the windshield and suffer severe injuries upon hitting the ground. A rollover accident may cause fractures as well.

Broken arms and legs may result when a driver or passenger attempts to brace themselves. Others could suffer broken necks or fractured ribs. Broken collarbones might result, as well. Fractured skulls may result in permanent brain damage or even death. Unfortunately, airbags and seatbelts might not prevent such injuries in all accidents.

Treatments for broken bones

Anyone who suffers broken bones in a motor vehicle accident may have to wear a cast for some time. They could discover they must miss work for weeks or months, experiencing financial troubles. Those with more severe injuries may deal with permanent disabilities. For others, the treatments necessary to address their fractures could be extensive. Broken facial bones might require reconstructive surgery, and ankle breaks might lead to surgically implanted pins.

An extensive rehabilitation period might follow the necessary medical treatment. Insurance may not cover all the costs associated with post-accident care. Fulfilling a lawsuit might be appropriate for those interested in recovering their losses and receiving compensation for their pain and suffering.