Fixing the broken nursing home system

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2023 | Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect

Nursing homes in Georgia and around the country have long been a source of concern for both policymakers and the general public. These facilities, intended to provide a safe and supportive environment for older adults who need assistance with daily living, have faced various challenges in recent years, including understaffing, poor quality care, and inadequate funding. What’s gone wrong in nursing homes and how can it be fixed?

Issues that nursing homes face

Several issues create the circumstances where care home residents can suffer nursing home abuse and neglect. These include the following:


One of the major issues facing nursing homes in America is understaffing. Many facilities are struggling to hire and retain sufficient numbers of qualified caregivers, which can lead to high staff turnover rates and inadequate staffing levels. This can have serious consequences for residents, who may not receive the care and attention they need.

To address this problem, policymakers and nursing home operators should take action, including increasing funding for staffing and training, offering competitive salaries and benefits to attract and retain qualified caregivers, and implementing staff retention programs.

Quality of care

Another key issue facing nursing homes is the quality of care provided to residents. Many facilities have been criticized for providing substandard care, which can lead to serious health problems and even death for residents.

To improve the quality of care in nursing homes, it is important to ensure that facilities have the resources and personnel needed to provide the necessary level of care. This may include increasing funding for staffing, training, and equipment, and implementing quality assurance measures to ensure that facilities are meeting standards for care.

Lack of funding

A lack of funding by the government and private payers may be at the root of most problems. Many facilities struggle to cover the costs of providing high-quality care, leading to the issues as mentioned earlier.

To address this problem, policymakers and nursing home operators can work to increase funding for nursing homes, including through the expansion of Medicaid and other government programs. In addition, private payers can work to ensure that nursing homes are reimbursed fairly for the care they provide.

Fixing the senior citizen care system

There are several steps that can be taken to improve the quality of nursing homes in America. By addressing issues such as understaffing, poor quality care, and inadequate funding, citizens can pressure authorities to work to create a better, safer environment for older adults who need assistance with daily living.