Claiming property damages from auto accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The insurance coverage for property damage includes the damaged vehicles, homes, buildings or personal belongings. Filing a claim involves understanding the process and compiling the details of your motor vehicle accident (MVA). There are several steps needed to establish a successful property damage claim in Georgia.

Recovery through a claim

In a car accident, the victim can recover the financial losses that were caused to property. The accident is reported to the insurance company, and within the report, any minor to severe form of property damage is included. Then, the claim is filed with an insurer or the other driver’s insurer under a comprehensive coverage policy. The compensation for property damages includes the repair costs for the vehicle, house, clothing or any other belongings that were damaged during the accident.

The claims process

An insurance adjuster arrives at the property, determines the extent of the property damage and estimates the costs. Adjusters have to determine which damages existed before the accident and which occurred as a result by looking at police reports, accident reports, photos and witness statements. The property owner receives a settlement offer from the adjuster. As a result, most drivers are encouraged to report an MVA immediately to compile as many accurate details as possible.

Receiving compensation for a car accident that involves property damage involves filing a claim with an insurance company. The accident reports prove that the other driver is at fault. The adjuster looks over a wide range of evidence from photos of damages to witness statements. Under the terms of the comprehensive coverage policy, the funds are provided to the owner of the damaged property.