Teens and risky driving

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Once a Georgia resident reaches the legal age, they may rush to get a driver’s license. However, teenage drivers might need to be additionally careful on the road.

Teen driver worries

A younger driver might wish to drive safely and avoid accidents. However, a lack of experience could undermine those goals. A teen driver could make mistakes due to not being familiar with certain traffic or weather conditions. Or, a young one may make the oversight of not wearing a seatbelt, which may prove regrettable if an accident occurs.

While an inexperienced driver may avoid committing moving violations, other drivers – older and experienced ones – might not. A teen could be the victim of an avoidable accident, one that the young driver could have avoided had they known how to evade a reckless driver. A lack of experience may harm defensive driving skills.

Teenagers can be social individuals. They may travel to the movies, the mall or school with several friends in their vehicle. Unfortunately, a young driver might not understand that transporting additional passengers may create risks. Additional passengers might distract an inexperienced driver, and distractions could cause crashes.

Teen drivers and negligence

A teenager could embrace reckless driving habits, such as speeding. If the younger driver does not receive a citation or cause an accident, they may continue to speed without worry. Of course, speeding factors into many motor vehicle accidents since it is an illegal and dangerous practice. Combining speeding with inexperience may further increase the odds of a collision.

Teens could run the risk of becoming distracted while on the road. Text or even hands-free phone calling might divert attention enough that the driver hits a pedestrian or another car.