Symptoms of a pelvic fracture after high-impact accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Pelvic fractures are a possible injury from high-impact accidents. You could seek compensation for your injury and your pain and suffering in Georgia if someone’s negligence caused your pelvic fracture.

Symptoms to watch for

If you have pain in the hip, lower back or groin, you might have a pelvic fracture. The pelvis protects internal organs like your bladder, intestines and rectum. Thus, you may have difficulty urinating or bleeding from the urethra, rectum or the vagina. Other symptoms include numbness or tingling in the groin, numbness or tingling in the legs, abdominal pain, difficulty walking and difficulty standing.

Two types of pelvic fractures

Stable and unstable are the two categories of pelvic fractures. One breakpoint in the pelvic ring is a stable fracture. Two or more breaks in the pelvic ring is an unstable fracture. Stable fractures tend to have limited bleeding with the bones staying in one place. You may have moderate to severe bleeding with an unstable fracture. Serious pelvic fractures are life-threatening, so you need emergency care for them.

Protect your claim

Personal injury law requires that you promptly schedule a medical exam after an accident regardless of its severity. If you don’t, then the court may determine you hold some responsibility for your medical costs. You should also promptly see a doctor again after the initial checkup if you begin experiencing symptoms. Some injuries aren’t apparent during your initial checkup.

Diagnostic tests

Tests your doctor may have you take to determine if you have a pelvic fracture include X-rays and CT scans. When a patient has a complicated case, the doctor may conduct a CT scan to get a clearer look at what’s going on. If your fracture is severe, then you might also have to take a radioactive dye that helps doctors inspect your organs. Organ damage sometimes accompanies pelvic fractures.

You should stay aware of what’s going on with your health after an accident. Symptoms that seem minor could be signs of serious injuries like a pelvic fracture. Seeking treatment when you have pain or other symptoms could prevent a problem from becoming worse.