Fatigued truck drivers bring danger to the road

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Truck drivers may persevere through challenging conditions to bring goods to delivery points. Terrible weather and dangerous drivers make things difficult, but the harshest challenge might come from fatigue. Long journeys, ones that last well into the night, could make a trucker incredibly fatigued. Drivers who ignore the warning signs about how fatigue affects concentration may cause an accident on a Georgia highway.

Truck drivers may battle exhaustion

Federal and state laws require truck drivers to take mandatory breaks. The rules attempt to decrease the chances of accidents, but not all truck drivers follow them. Sometimes, a trucking company might cut corners and not document breaks on their logs. Doing so could put everyone on the road at risk. Tractor-trailers are massive vehicles capable of inflicting tremendous harm.

Ignoring mandatory breaks isn’t the only way drivers may become fatigued, though. Even someone who follows all the rules may feel a little too tired to drive due to a common cold or other minor illness. Burnout from years of driving might also make someone feel worn out behind the wheel.

Driving while fatigued isn’t something to ignore. A truck driver who feels sleepy could cause a fatal accident since fatigue impacts reactions and perceptions.

Fatigued truckers and accident liabilities

Drivers have a responsibility to prevent accidents. A driver could face legal consequences after falling asleep at the wheel after taking medication or driving while intoxicated. That said, the reasons for feeling fatigued need not necessarily be grossly negligent for a driver to be liable for a collision. Driving with a head cold could be a terrible idea if the cold affects performance.

Truck accidents could cause injuries to many victims, and some accidents end in fatalities. Responsible drivers should avoid hitting the road when they feel too tired to drive.