What do premises liability cases involve?

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2021 | Premises Liability

Whether a property involves business or residential purposes, the owner and even a renter have an obligation to reasonably prevent people from harm. If someone gets hurt on another person’s property in Georgia, the victim might be able to sue based on the state’s premises liability statutes.

Fundamental points about premises liability

The key point about premises liability claims centers on negligence. Typically, either someone’s action or lack of action led to harm. Not acting timely enough to address a known hazard may also leave someone open to litigation.

For example, not cleaning debris from a sidewalk or allowing a sidewalk to suffer from excessive wear and tear puts others at risk. If a bicyclist suffered an accident due to the sidewalk being in disrepair, expect the owner to face a claim.

Similarly, not repairing things inside the home or leaving objects on the ground put people at risk. Other hazards, such as toxic fumes from cleaning supplies, could cause harm and lead to litigation. The same may be the case when a dog bites someone.

Seeking compensation after an accident on someone’s property

Anyone responsible for particular premises might wish to take part in loss prevention steps. In other words, if there is a hazard present, addressing the problem could avoid a premises liability lawsuit. Even with the best preventive measures, accidents may still occur. However, the owner might not be at fault.

Not all premises liability cases point blame in an owner or renter’s direction. With dog bites, someone who agitates a dog might be responsible for the consequences. A customer who ignores a sign warning “slippery floor” could be partially at fault for an accident.