Issues with rear-end collisions

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Rear-end collisions rank among the most common auto accidents occurring in Georgia and throughout the country. A driver not paying attention when a light turns red could bump into the braking vehicle in its path. Someone following another car too closely might crash when that first vehicle makes a sudden, necessary stop. Besides being common, rear-end collisions come with the potential of severe injuries and subsequent lawsuits.

Points about rear-end collisions

One perception about rear-end collisions involves the belief the accidents are minor ones. Some crashes result in little more than a dent, but upwards of one-third of rear-end collisions result in serious injuries.

Even more sobering and frightening is the revelation that 20% of fatal accidents involve rear-end collisions. If a vehicle hits another car from behind and knocks it into an intersection, a disastrous sideswipe might occur.

If a person is hurt in a rear-end collision, they may attempt to recover losses from the negligent party. An obvious question then centers on who was responsible.

Issues associated with fault

Determining fault is sometimes more challenging than initially believed. The driver who rear-ended a vehicle may not be fully responsible. Was that driver’s vehicle sent in motion due to the impact from another car?

Negligence might not be the only factor that causes these accidents. Weather and road conditions may present added dangers. Stopping in time on a slick road, for example, might not be possible. However, some drivers compound dangerous conditions by driving too fast or otherwise traveling unsafely.

What happens when a car gets rear-ended after it stops suddenly for no reason? The car’s driver might be all or partially at fault for the accident. Blame might even go towards a mechanic who performed faulty brake work.

A motor vehicle accident case may be less straightforward than initially assumed once an investigation is underway into who was at fault. A personal injury attorney might help injured victims examine the particulars to figure out who is at fault in order to file a lawsuit for compensation.