Paying attention to abuse in nursing homes

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You might need to make the difficult decision to transfer a family member to a nursing home. This could be because the person’s health needs detailed attention or because there are no family members who have a schedule that allows for providing the care needed. While your family member is in a Georgia nursing home, there are a few signs of abuse to be aware of so that you can alert the proper authorities in the event that this activity takes place.


One of the most common signs of nursing home abuse and neglect is bruising. It can sometimes be easy for the skin of elderly individuals to bruise because it’s thinner, but if you notice significant bruising that seems to be present every time you visit, then you might want to look into the cause. You should also pay attention to the location of the bruises as those seen on the thighs or on the wrists could be indicative of restraints or sexual abuse.

Close workers

Although you might want to ask the nurses and other workers questions about your loved one, they shouldn’t stand by all the time. The staff should make you feel comfortable while being in the room with your family member or while taking the person to another area of the nursing home. If workers hover over you while you’re visiting in the room or don’t seem to want to leave the hallway, then they might be there to intimidate your family member so as not to say anything about abuse that has taken place.

If you have evidence that your loved one has been abused or neglected in a nursing home, then consider speaking with an attorney. A claim could be filed against the facility as well as the people involved in the abuse so that your loved one may receive the proper compensation for any injuries that occurred.