What are common causes of semi-truck accidents?

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Drivers shouldn’t assume that any trip, even a short one on a local road, comes without the risk of an accident. Mechanical problems, mishaps, errors in judgment and other issues could lead to a crash. Minor “fender benders” between two compact cars traveling at low speeds might leave someone with lingering injuries. Imagine the disaster that might result when a semi-truck crashes into a much smaller vehicle. Unfortunately, semi-truck accidents aren’t rare occurrences on Georgia roads and highways. Why is this? Several reasons appear and reappear on the listed causes for such accidents.

Why do semi-trucks end up involved in collisions?

Scores of semi-truck drivers perform their work without causing issues, but people cannot ignore the statistics documenting numerous truck accidents. Looking at the reasons could potentially raise awareness about ways to possibly decrease the chances of an accident. If reports show poorly secured cargo causes problems, trucking companies may need to work harder to improve safety.

However, driver fatigue is among the most common reasons for semi-truck accidents. Professional drivers travel long distances and sometimes through the night. Drivers who continue to drive even when very tired may suffer from poor reflexes and reactions, and concentration might suffer.

Driving under the influence could also lead to accidents. Drugs and alcohol don’t mix with driving a truck. Even legitimate prescription or OTC drugs might impair the driver.

Semi-trucks present added dangers

The size and mass of a semi-truck could severely damage a smaller vehicle. Accidents rooted in gross negligence might even lead to fatalities. The negligence might come from poor driving habits.

Truck drivers might increase the chances of an accident by committing moving violations. Speeding, tailgating and performing risky lane changes could decrease safe driving immensely.

Distracted driving continues to be a problem, and semi-truck drivers aren’t immune. A driver who talks on the phone or looks at a touchscreen might suffer distractions that may lead to an accident. Such behaviors often prove ill-advised.

Several reasons contribute to semi-truck accidents. Persons injured in motor vehicle accidents by a semi-truck driver’s negligence might find it worthwhile to consult with an attorney.