Speeding continues to be factor in fatal crashes

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Many Georgia drivers need reminding of how dangerous it is to speed. The faster they go, the harder it will be to avoid debris on the road or a car that has suddenly turned into their lane. Higher speeds also mean more severe crashes. Over a quarter of all fatal traffic accidents are largely the result of speeding according to a study from the Governors Highway Safety Association.

No signs of a decrease in speeding

Another study, this time from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, analyzed over 12 million vehicles and found that two-thirds exceeded the speed limit. One in five of those speeders exceeded it by more than 10 mph. A study conducted six years prior turned up similar results, which shows that drivers have not grasped the point over the years.

Speeding, it should be remembered, does not simply mean exceeding the posted speed limit. Certain road conditions require drivers to travel slow; drivers who disregard these conditions can also be labeled as speeders even when they are within the posted speed limit.

Various reasons for speeding

People can no doubt supply their own reasons why they speed on occasion. Most commonly, drivers speed because they are rushing or because they feel the need to keep up with traffic. Others speed to vent their anger and frustration while others relish the thrill.

What victims of a speeder could do

The motor vehicle accident you were in may have left you dealing with serious injuries because the other driver was speeding. Fortunately, you have the right to seek compensation. A lot depends on your own degree of negligence, but after a case evaluation with a lawyer, you may get a better idea of where you stand in light of this state’s personal injury laws. You may leave it to the lawyer to strengthen your case and work to negotiate a settlement.