Car accident injuries: the most common and severe

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A car accident can injure almost any part of the body, and so it can be good to know what types of injuries are most common. You were in a crash in Suwanee, Georgia, and perhaps you’re wondering if you can file a claim. You could take this information, then, and determine, together with an attorney, how much you might be eligible for in damages.

Brain, neck and spinal cord injuries

Car accident victims frequently suffer traumatic brain injuries or concussions when their head hits against, for example, the steering wheel or the side window. If that trauma causes bleeding under the skull, they may need to undergo surgery.

Neck and spinal cord injuries can also require immediate medical attention. On the one hand, whiplash is a common condition and can usually be treated with pain medications. On the other hand, the rapid snapping of the neck that leads to whiplash can also dislocate the neck vertebrae. Spinal discs can be twisted or misaligned, limiting one’s range of motion and sometimes even causing paralysis.

Injuries with or without a seat belt

Without a seat belt, occupants are liable to break their leg against the dash or steering wheel. However, injuries are possible even with a seat belt. When the lap belt is worn incorrectly, victims’ body weight can press against it, the result being injuries to the internal organs like the heart, liver and spleen.

Psychological trauma another possibility

Many crash victims wind up suffering mentally because of the trauma or because of the nature of their injuries. Scars, for example, can lead to depression. Post-traumatic stress disorder is also a very real possibility.

Legal representation for your case

Before filing your personal injury claim, you may want a lawyer to evaluate it in light of Georgia’s negligence rules. While you continue to recover both physically and emotionally from your injuries, the lawyer may begin negotiations with the other driver’s insurance company. If a good settlement cannot be agreed upon, you may discuss the pros and cons of litigation.