Though issues remain, ADAS can prevent car crashes

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Many car accidents in Georgia could be prevented if drivers were using the crash avoidance technology offered by advanced driver-assistance systems. ADAS features are being added to many new vehicles, and their benefits seem clear. However, they are not perfect, and these features may instill certain unsafe habits that lead to car accidents. This may relate to the accident that you were in.

The advantages of ADAS

The way that ADAS tech works is simple: It alerts drivers to a potential collision and activates the automatic emergency braking system if drivers do not respond in time. It can come with numerous features like forward and rear collision warning, blind-spot detection, cross-traffic alert and pedestrian detection.

Many accidents stem from drivers who are inattentive, distracted or drowsy, and ADAS can do a lot to keep such drivers safe. One feature, lane departure warning, can prevent lane drifting while another, adaptive cruise control, can prevent rear-end collisions by adjusting speed and distance based on road traffic.

The rate of bodily injury claims and property damage claims goes down 27% and 19%, respectively, in the case of ADAS vehicles according to LexisNexis Risk Solutions. One Carnegie Mellon University researcher says that light-duty vehicle fleets could save $264 billion in crash-related expenses if each fleet installed crash avoidance technology.

ADAS may perform erratically

ADAS has glitches, though, in particular with the automatic emergency braking. It may activate on an on-ramp when a car is in the next lane. Another issue has to do with lack of education. Many drivers don’t realize that ADAS only assists drivers rather than replacing them, and as a result, they may feel that they can pay less attention to the road when the features are engaged.

Seeing a personal injury attorney

You may have incurred a serious personal injury and are now left with medical bills and a limited capacity for work. You may be reimbursed for these and other losses if you file a claim against the responsible driver. A lawyer may be able to help you build up your case against the defendant and negotiate with the defendant’s auto insurance company for a settlement.