Survey shows drivers concerned over rise in distractions

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Georgia residents should know about a survey that the artificial intelligence firm Netradyne conducted regarding concerns about the all-too-common trend of distracted driving. Held from Feb. 25 to March 10, 2020, the survey involved 1,248 people aged 18 and over with a standard driving license who drove a car at least once a week.

Though 91% of respondents thought of themselves as safe drivers, 20% admitted to being fined or receiving points on their license because of distracted driving. One in seven even suffered injuries or damaged their vehicle beyond repair in a distracted driving crash. Drinking liquids was the most widespread distraction whereas social media use was the most severe in terms of consequences.

Almost half of the respondents agreed that they could be safer drivers. Netradyne emphasizes the fact that distractions are under a driver’s control, and having new vehicle safety technology can help as well. Twenty-nine percent of respondents expressed their interest in AI.

Despite engaging in distractions themselves, 82% acknowledged that the rise in distracted driving makes them worried. Less than half said that long-haul commercial truck drivers are safe, and one-fifth asserted that such drivers are unsafe.

Distracted driving is a form of negligence, and both passenger vehicle and truck drivers can be guilty of it. Those who have incurred a personal injury at the hands of a distracted driver may have solid reasons for a claim. Auto insurance companies can be aggressive in denying claims, though, so it may be in victims’ best interests to at least consult a lawyer. When pursuing a settlement, the lawyer may handle all negotiations on behalf of their injured client. Third parties like investigators may help prove the other side’s negligence using the police report and other evidence.