Nursing home abuse is not uncommon

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Individuals who experience any type of harm while staying in a Georgia nursing home may be victims of nursing home abuse. If a facility receives funding from Medicare, its residents have the right to live without fear of being mentally, physically or emotionally abused. Physical abuse may occur if a person is kicked, hit or slapped by a staff member or any other party affiliated with a facility.

Mental abuse may occur if a resident is yelled at by a staff member, isn’t able to visit with family members or isn’t allowed to read his or her mail. Sexual abuse and exploitation are other common forms of abuse that nursing home residents may be subject to. If residents don’t receive treatment in a timely manner, they could develop sores, lose weight or experience various types of emotional trauma.

A nursing home can be liable for neglecting the needs of a patient whether it was done intentionally or because of mere carelessness. Family members who suspect that their family members may be abuse victims are encouraged to ask for adult protective services to intervene. They may help to facilitate medical exams or take other steps to ensure that a facility is not engaging in negligent behavior. In some cases, it may be possible to take legal action to hold a facility accountable for its actions.

An elder law legal professional may be able to help families pursue nursing home neglect and abuse cases. An attorney may review statements from victims, witnesses or other parties who might have information relevant to a given case. This may make it easier for individuals to obtain favorable outcomes either at trial or through a settlement. Plaintiffs may be entitled to compensation for medical bills and other losses that their family members incurred.