Drivers may underestimate dangers of rural roads

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2020 | Firm News

Rural roads are not necessarily the safest roads: a fact that many drivers in Georgia can attest to. There are a number of challenges they pose. For example, nighttime driving can be difficult when most rural roads don’t have many lights. It can also be unnerving if wildlife or animals from nearby homes jump out onto the road.

The countryside can also be dangerous for drivers because of the narrow two-lane roads and narrow shoulders. Drivers may endanger themselves and others by trying to pass a vehicle. If they don’t maintain their lane, they may collide head-on with oncoming traffic. If they veer too far to the right, they may run off the road.

Many drivers persist in thinking that rural roads are safer because they have less traffic. Others, knowing that rural regions have fewer police out in force, may become downright reckless, not using their seat belt, not maintaining their lane, speeding, and even driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

It’s a good idea not to underestimate the perils of driving on rural roads. On the contrary, it’s important to practice defensive driving where one does not assume that other drivers will be safe. Drivers may do well to remember that over half of all fatal accidents occur on rural roads.

Those who were injured in a motor vehicle accident may be left dealing with a disability that keeps them from work. Medical bills may be mounting, and they could be contending with physical pain and emotional trauma. With a personal injury claim, victims can seek compensation for these and other losses. They may want to speak with a lawyer about their chances of recovering damages. If hired, the lawyer may assist with the gathering of evidence, the negotiations and more.