Slow drivers, and who they usually are

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Coming across slow motorists in the left-hand lane of the highway can be an annoyance. Slow drivers are not just a minor irritation, though; they are the cause of many crashes in Georgia. Driving under the posted speed limit to the point where it impedes traffic is against the law in this state. It’s also illegal for slow drivers to remain in the left-hand lane once they become aware of a faster vehicle behind them.

4 types of slow drivers

Now, the question is why certain drivers will go so slowly. They can largely be put into four categories with the first, and the most dangerous, being distracted drivers. In particular, phone use is a distraction that will cause drivers to slow down and become oblivious to their surroundings. The National Safety Council says that phones reduce activity in the parietal lobe by 37%. This is the part of the brain that’s most engaged when driving.

Tourists are the second category, and they may also travel slowly because of unfamiliarity with traffic patterns and speed limits. The same goes for newly licensed drivers, the third category. New drivers may lack confidence, too, which contributes to their slowness.

Lastly, there are seniors, who may drive slow as a result of health conditions. Worsening vision may prevent them from seeing the speed limit, and arthritis could prevent them from exerting enough pressure on the accelerator.

Maneuvering safely around slow drivers

In accidents with slow drivers, at least part of the blame can lie with those who tailgate or impatiently pass on the right. Drivers should first see if the slow driver will move over. If not, they should flash their lights or honk the horn to get the driver’s attention.

A lawyer to get you through tough times

Perhaps you were involved in a motor vehicle accident with a slow driver. Chances are that you may share some of the blame. While contributory fault will not automatically bar you from recovery, it will lower whatever amount in damages you do recover. Legal representation may help you get through this tough time and strive for a reasonable settlement.