Sometimes the truth requires investigation

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2017 | Firm News

We recently represented a driver who was originally charged as the “at fault” driver in a wreck. Of course, the police do the best they can in preparing an initial report on the wreck. Usually, but not always, the driver at fault is listed as vehicle number 1 in the police report. The police report is often more of a cursory investigation report. Our client was listed as the at fault driver. Sometimes, the truth requires a more extensive investigation. We hired an accident re-constructionist who opined that the other driver was speeding and not attentive. We also learned the other driver had blood drawn at the hospital and was later charged with DUI. She had 3 prior DUI’s. We filed suit and eventually recovered the policy limits of the driver and um/uim policy proceeds. Need help with a car wreck? Contact attorney Tom Kenney, [email protected]