Tom Kenney Law Newsletter 12/12

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Tom Kenney Law Newsletter 12/12

Tips and Resources for Dealing with and Preventing Injury Claims.

In this issue

  • Has your new car been wrecked?
  • Why don’t taxi cabs have more insurance?
  • How to prove the driver was texting.

Has your new car been wrecked?

Millions of cars are sold each year with undisclosed prior wreck damage according to the National Consumer Law Center®. This is an unbelievable statistic. For some time there have been some resources to see if a car that you were thinking about purchasing was involved in a prior wreck. CARFAX was one of those servies. Those services were not 100% accurate. Now, for $2 you can purchase from a federal database a prior wreck history for any car. Please go to This is the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System website. I would like to have your input on whether you believe this Federal database is more accurate than CARFAX and other private providers. One of the problems with CARFAX is that it does not have access to all of the insurance company reports. If the insurance industry would provide insurance claim information to others, we might get a more accurate database.

The other driver was on the phone/texting? Prove it!

Information disappears quickly. If you have been in a wreck and you think the other driver was on their cell phone, texting, or otherwise using their mobile device, you need to act quickly. Generally we will immediately seek this type of information when . . .

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