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Tips and Resources for Dealing with and Preventing Injury Claims.

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  • Injured and No Health Insurance?
  • Jury Trials Update.
  • Product Recalls.

Injured and No Health Insurance? How do you get Medical Care?

Our clients are often hurt very badly and need medical attention. Without health insurance, it is often difficult to get medical attention other than immediate treatment in an emergency room following the incident. We have ideas for dealing with those situations. We’ll be happy to discuss those issues with you. Some of those options are set forth below: Available Insurance from your Wreck/Fall/Incident: Depending on what type of incident you were involved in, there may be insurance available to cover your medical expenses even if you don’t have health insurance. In a car wreck, sometimes there is medical payment coverage (we recommend you have significant medical payments coverage in your automobile policy). If you are a victim of a crime, you might be eligible for assistance. While most liability insurance carriers will not pay your medical expenses as you incur them but rather will only pay out money in a final resolution of your claim, some will on occassion provide ongoing assistance. That is clearly the exception and not the general rule though. It is cricial that your lawyer know your situation intimately and he work hard to locate additional sources of insurance to pay your ongoing medical expenses. We also have access to companies that will provide or arrange for medical services though a network of medical providers who will wait until your case has been concluded before they get paid. For those without other options, this resource is often the difference between securing non-urgent medical care and none at all!

Holiday Time? Gift Giving?

Here’s a resource that you might find helpful:
This website provides up to date information about unsafe products and product recalls. Who should consider visiting this website? Anybody who purchases or consumes/uses goods or services. Parents of young children. People who buy new or used cars. Basically, everyone.

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