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Posted by Kaci Pedersen | Jun 22, 2018 | 0 Comments

Effective July 1st, the Hands-free Distracted Driving Bill requires Georgians to use hands-free technology while using their cell phones and other electronic devices in their vehicle.
Specifically, drivers are prohibited by law from the following:
  • holding or supporting a phone or electronic device while driving.
  • using hand-held phone or electronic device to write, send,m or read any text-based communication (ex: text message, instant message, e-mails) while driving.
  • watching a video or movie on your hand-held phone or electronic device while driving, or
  • recording a video on your hand-held phone or electronic device while driving.
If you are caught violating the Hands-Free Distracted Driving Law, fines begin at $50 and one point on your driving record. Use your Bluetooth or other hands-free devices. This bill will promote safer driving and should lead to fewer wrecks caused by distracted drivers- Good News!

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