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Professional, Prompt, & Clear

" Tom Kenney did a great job handling my case. He was professional, prompt, and clear in all phases of the work. My family and I will use Tom for work in the future."

Jim Mitchell 5 ★ star rating 10/18/2017

Kenney and Medina are AMAZING!

" Kenney & Medina are amazing! Everyone there made my family feel important. It really helped to know that there was a team behind us, fighting for us. I can't say enough about the way they took control of the case, kept us in the loop and made everything easy and easy to understand."  

Kathryn B  5 ★ star rating 03/25/2017


He was confident about my case

" Went by here for consultation about a motorcycle wreck I had. It was the other person's fault, but I had gotten a ticket for it. I spoke to Mr. Kenney and he had offered me several options and discussed many possible scenarios. I decided to hire him because he was very confident about my case and was very helpful. " 

DREW KO 5 ★ star rating 5/24/2017  


I look forward to working with Medina

I met with Mr. Medina for a consultation regarding a small business related issue. He was thorough, patient, and professional., as was his assistant. I will likely wind up retaining him should our issue progress, and look forward to working with Mr. Medina and his office!

April M 5 ★ star rating 4/25/2017  


A Great Law Firm ...

"I thought this was a great Law Firm. They were always on top of the case and were quick to reply when I would inquire on the status of the case. They took complete control of the case so I didn't have to do much or worry about any aspect of the case."

Angela Tate 5 ★ star rating said on 3/8/2017


The Highest Degree of Integrity 

"Tom Kenney was my attorney for over 20 years, representing me in a variety of personal and business matters. In his dealings with clients, Tom presents with an easy approachable style that blends the highest degree of integrity and professionalism, with just pure likable charm. He has a way of making you feel that you are the most important client on his case load. In the courtroom, he is a force to be reckoned with, blending thorough preparation, strong legal expertise with a firm aggressive stand to represent and defend his client's best interest. He is well thought of by everyone who knows him and his professionalism and integrity are beyond reproach and un-duplicated. I hold Tom and his colleagues as well in the highest regard. Sadly, I moved to Florida a few years ago and he does not have a license to practice here !! If you are looking for an attorney, Stop looking. Tom is your guy...He is that guy that all the others ought to be !! "

T. Walker, Ed.S, Licensed Professional Counselor  5 ★ star rating said on 06/29/2014


Personal Injury Case

"I thought this was a great Law Firm. They were always on top of the case and were quick to reply when I would inquire on the status of the case. They took complete control of the case so I didn't have to do much or worry about any aspect of the case."

Angela said on 3/8/2017 5 ★ star rating

Excellent! Thanks for all the help, Tom!

"I am so grateful for Tom! He took care of absolutely everything for me! Everyone on his staff is very knowledgeable. My accident was in august 2016 and all I had to do was just tell him my story and concentrate on getting better. Tom really had my back from day one! "

anonymous said on 2/16/2017 5 ★ star rating

Best Lawyer Around!

"I've relied on Tom's expertise for over 20 years in a variety of personal and corporate matters, and he always gives me excellent advice, even if it's not exactly what I want to hear. Most recently, Tom solved an insurance nightmare for me, resulting from an accident with a drunk, uninsured motorist. I didn't know which way to go, but Tom guided me through the legal system, and got me a fair settlement. Every time the insurance company would push, he would push back harder. Even though my case stretched on for a long while, he always kept me informed and up-to-date. Good luck trying to find a more honest and trustworthy attorney!"

Posted by Keith   5 ★ star rating

Excellent lawyer with great results!!!

"I was involved in 3 separate car accidents where I sustained an on-going neck injury that will eventually require a cervical fusion. Tom Kenney worked very hard to get me the best possible settlement without having to endure a long trial. I would definitely recommend Tom because he makes it happen."

Posted by Sarah   5 ★ star rating

Outstanding Attorney!

"Tom Kenney has handled all of my personal legal requirements for over ten (10) years. He's handled several personal cases for me and always has demonstrated strong expertise, attention to detail, and most importantly, a steadfast determination to focus on my desired outcome. Tom has earned my absolute trust, and I always want him in my corner."

Posted by Alex   5 ★ star rating


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Slider civil litigation

$375,000 for car wreck (torn rotator cuff), 1 million dollar settlement (tractor trailer wreck), Trip & fall ($150,000 settlement)